Trial skills matter—even in a world where few disputes ever see the inside of a courtroom.

The Schroeder Group has built a reputation in trial law. Our litigation lawyers are fully prepared to defend our clients’ interests in court, from compliance counseling to mediation, settlement negotiation, motion practice, trial, and appeal, Schroeder offers a full-service litigation law firm capable of meeting our clients’ business and legal objectives, whatever they may be.

Our litigators bring extensive courtroom experience to every matter our firm handles. This experience enables us to spot outcome-determinative legal issues earlier so we can prepare compelling arguments that support our clients’ positions. What’s more, our long history of taking cases to trial – and winning – gives our clients tremendous settlement leverage with their adversaries, as well as confidence in a successful outcome if and when they go to trial. Schroeder approaches every case with strategic focus, unrelenting advocacy, and intensive preparation. That’s why we are asked to represent a myriad of clients in their most difficult litigation matters.